Department of Corrections Permits

Specific Requirements
The Department of Corrections permits two types of media visits: inmate interviews and program visits. All media requests must go through the Office of Public Affairs.

Inmate interviews involve one inmate and a crew of no more than three people. To set up an inmate interview, media must write the inmate through regular postal mail requesting an interview. If the inmate responds with written consent to the interview, the media must provide a completed and signed Media Access Background Form. The department asks for 12 to 14 days notice before an interview.

Off Limit Areas or Locations
No general filming is allowed at any facility. During inmate interviews, media may only film inside the interview room once the inmate has been seated. Program visits must be arranged through the Office of Public Affairs and will be confined to a program area, usually the chapel.

Time Limitations or Constraints
Program visits are arranged through the Office of Public Affairs and may vary in length. All inmate interviews will be no longer than one hour with a short time for setup.

Agency Contact
Florida Department of Corrections
Office of Public Affairs
Phone: (850) 488-0420
Fax: (850) 922-2848