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Specific Requirements:
The Florida State Parks have a permit form, which must be completed and submitted to the local Park Manager. The Park Manager has the authority to issue, but not deny, a permit at his/her level. The production company representative must contact the Park Manager, preferably visiting the park to physically walk the location they would like to use. During the visit to the Park, the production representative must discuss the use of the location, the size of the crew, the production vehicles required on the location, the scenes to be shot, any special needs (i.e., blocking off sections of the location, closing any areas to the public, etc.) hours for shooting, and any other details for the shoot. Also to be discussed is the need for Park staff to supervise the use of the location and whether they will be on duty or hired off-duty by the production company.

Off Limit Areas or Locations:
None. However, there may be instances when permission would be denied if the DEP’s mission (providing recreation activities to our visitors) would be compromised. In addition, in order to protect the park’s natural or cultural resources, the Park Manager may specify certain off-limit areas or prohibited activities in the permit.

Time Limitations or Constraints:
No filming allowed on beaches during turtle and bird nesting seasons.

Water and Wetlands

Specific Requirements:
Prior authorization may be required from the DEP for activities that include:

  • Construction of structures (permanent or temporary)
  • Dredging (such as to create a channel)
  • Filling (which includes sinking or dropping structures or vehicles into the water)
  • Use of chemicals, petroleum products, etc.
  • Cutting or removal, planting, or relocation of aquatic vegetation, especially mangroves

Off Limit Areas or Locations:
The specific type of authorization required is dependent on the nature of the activity and where it is proposed. In general, activities located in wetlands or any open surface waters, other than normal and customary operation of vessels, may require some form of authorization from the DEP.

Time Limitations or Constraints:
A single DEP office can process all applicable authorizations from the DEP. However, authorizations from other local and federal agencies may also be required, and work should not commence until all those authorizations are obtained. Some activities may result in problematic environmental impacts and, therefore, they may take longer to review before a permit can be issued, or they may require design changes before a permit can be issued.

These activities partially include:

  • Applying gasoline or other flammable chemicals to vehicles or structures for purposes of starting fires especially in wetlands and surface waters;
  • Exploding structures or vehicles over the water;
  • Any construction or alteration in wetlands or over submerged resources, such as grassbeds;
  • Activities in manatee areas; and
  • Activities within state-protected areas such as state parks.

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