Specific Requirements

As per Florida Department of Transportation Code 14-65.0065, the following information must be supplied to the DOT when requesting a permit for filming:

  1. A copy of pertinent portions of the script with a concise but detailed written description of the action to occur on state property.
  2. A detailed map showing the proposed filming location and an estimate of the number of event personnel.
  3. No stunts, staged accidents, explosives, or pyrotechnics that may cause damage to state property shall be allowed without prior approval of the Department. Use of pyrotechnics requires approval from the District Secretary, or where applicable, the Director of Florida Turnpike, and a separate approval from the local fire department having jurisdiction over the filming site. Both must be attached to the special use permit. Additionally, a licensed “Pyrotechnic Operator – Special Effects” shall be on location and in charge of all use, storage, and handling of special effects items.
  4. The permittee shall provide the DOT with proof of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 for routine filming. If the filming request involves specialized stunts, pyrotechnics, special effects, the use of some form of air transportation over the state highway right of way, or stunts of any kind under or adjacent to a structure (bridge) then a minimum of $5,000,000 of liability insurance is required.
  5. All maintenance of traffic on DOT rights of way shall conform to the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), incorporated by reference under rule 14-15.010, Florida Administrative Code; the Department’s current Roadway and Traffic Design Standards; and the current Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. The Department shall regulate, limit, or restrict hours of filming to minimize disruption of traffic, or creates safety hazards on a state highway, the DOT shall require immediate corrective action within a specified time frame, or cause filming to cease if deemed necessary. The Department shall require the submittal of a maintenance of traffic plan with the request for permit to ensure compliance with this provision. The DOT may require the presence of an off-duty law enforcement officer in areas of congestion, critical traffic flow, or situations that may cause hazardous conditions.
  6. Filming of activities on state road rights of way from low flying aircraft must be in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, and will not be permitted if the public safety or welfare is jeopardized. Any activities involving aircraft shall require written notification of overhead utility companies.

Off Limit Areas Or Locations

Time Limitations Or Constraints

Temporary Airport Locations

As per Florida Department of Transportation Code 14-60.005 (7)(c), the following information must be supplied to the DOT via email or fax when requesting a permit for temporary airports (temporary landing sites for helicopters, etc.)

The location for the temporary landing site must be provided along with assurance of the following information:

  1. Permission of the property owner to use the property
  2. Appropriate insurance to cover any potential damage and liability claims.
  3. Assure that the temporary airport/helicopter site has adequate area allocated for safe landings and takeoffs.
  4. Assure that there are no obstructions to flight for takeoff and landing approaches.
  5. Have notified all potentially affected airports, FAA air traffic control facilities, local governments, film permitting offices, ports and the U.S.Coast Guard (Department of Homeland Security) and that those agencies do not object.
  6. Assure that the temporary airport/helicopter landing site will have adequate security.
  7. Have planned safe air-traffic patterns that do not conflict with any other airports in the area.

Any use of federally owned property would require approval from the federal government only. Use of a registered Private Airport or registered Private Heliport would require the owner of the property’s permission only.

Temporary Airport Locations Contact
Florida Department of Transportation, Aviation Office
605 Suwannee St, MS 46
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0450
https://www.fdot.gov/aviation/temporaryairports.shtmopens in a new window

Agency Contact
Department of Transportation
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