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Local Film Commissions

Florida’s Local Film Commissions offer on-the-ground support for their communities.

Business Resources

Connect with partners and opportunities that will assist you in locating, retaining and growing your business in Florida.

Location Maps

Check out these location maps provided by various Film Offices across Florida.

Contact Us

We’re here to help you.

Featured Florida Location of the Month

St. Lucie County!

St. Lucie County is located in southeastern Florida, 120 miles south of Orlando and 60 miles north of West Palm Beach.  St. Lucie County is a wonderful community in a beautiful semi-tropical South Florida environment. St. Lucie County also has the requisite location, business environment, and workforce to be one of the best-performing communities in the nation in the very foreseeable future.

Visit our website page “Florida Location Videos” to watch each county individually.

Florida Entertainment Industry Sales Tax Exemption 101

FloridaCommerce offers a point-of-sale Sales Tax Exemption to qualified production companies producing content in Florida.

Watch this informational video to learn the program details. Prior to applying, visit our NEW Florida Financials Chart Tool!  Please fill out and save this Florida Financials Chart Tool to help you prepare your Florida estimated financial information for the application.

When you’re ready to apply, visit our Sales Tax Exemption page!

Florida Property Spotlight

Sanford Florida Private Estate

If you would like your property listed as a location, please visit the list your property as a location page. You will be able to submit information and photos of your property. If a production company inquiries about a location similar to yours, the local film commission in your area will have the information handy.

Search locations, crew and support services. Any time. Any place.

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