List Your Property as a Film Location

Thank you for your interest in listing your property in our location database! Please read this entire page before submitting photographs. If you own or manage a Florida home, business, or property and would like it to be considered for filming, please upload digital photos via the location submission form at the bottom of the page. We will review your photos and, if approved, your property will be added to our online locations database, which is publicly viewable on our website here. There is no cost to list your property.

Submitted locations will not be accepted if they do not meet the guidelines below:

  • This database is for filming locations only. For lodging, contact a corporate housing, rental agent, or travel agency in the Florida Production Directory.
  • You must be the actual owner of the property or have the owner’s permission to lease it for production.
  • Provide a good photo overview of your property: Exterior, interior, from the street. Interior shots must be included, or a note included in the “usage restriction” field stating interior filming is not allowed.
  • Concentrate on unique features and rooms of the property (not the toilet, pantry, etc.).
  • Include photos of the assets in your description (pool, barn, beachfront, etc.).
  • Shoot WIDE and from multiple angles.
  • Professional photos are not required, but dark, old, or poorly focused photos will not be accepted, nor will those that are too small or low-resolution.
  • Make sure images are properly rotated before submission.
  • Do not include photos taken in inclement weather (fog, rain, etc.).
  • Staged photos highlighting people, pets, or objects are not accepted.
  • Do not submit video clips, screen captures, or brochures.
  • Properties submitted by location services companies or agents will not be accepted.
  • Properties currently for sale will not be accepted.
  • If drastically remodeling, please wait until work is complete before submitting photos.
  • Describe your property: Write a descriptive title (Coastal Southern Home on the Bay) and add detail to the listing – square footage, architectural style, year built, number of bedrooms, and unique features.
  • 10 –photos are ideal; beyond 10 is generally too many. We reserve the right to select the best group among the submitted photos and delete those which are redundant or of poor quality.

Photo Submission Specs

Note the required photo sizes below. Low-resolution (small file size) photos will not be accepted.

  • 150 dpi or higher
  • Recommended file size between 1MB – 3 MB (maximum file size: 10MB)
  • JPEG compression = 12 good quality
  • 1680 X 1054 resolution (or higher) for large-size web browsing
  • Physical photo size: 8.5″ X 11″
  • If particular types of film/TV content or budget levels are not of interest, please note them in the “usage restriction” field.
  • If you want to list the property for lodging, please visit our Production Directory here, you can submit the property under SUPPORT SERVICES – PRIVATE ACCOMMODATIONS and link to a website where photos of the property can be seen. You cannot load photos into the Production Directory.

Once you have gathered your photos, please submit them using our Location Submission Form

What Happens Next (FAQs)?

How will I know my location has been received?

Locations may take time for staff review due to heavy submission volume. If you do not see your location listed, it is either in the queue or has not been approved.

How long until I hear from a production company?

It depends on what is currently shooting and their location needs. A production company representative will contact you directly if and when the property is of interest. Please do not submit locations more than once.

How much should I charge someone to shoot on my property?

Our office does not advise on location fees, which vary from project to project. In most cases, the production will make a specific offer based on budget and shooting requirements. You should never give your bank account information to someone who wants to wire you funds.

How is liability insurance handled?

Most film/TV productions carry insurance policies that indemnify you. You should confirm that your location agreement covers this.

How can I update my listing with new photos?

Updated photos typically aren’t needed if proper coverage was initially submitted. If the property has been drastically altered, you may need to submit a new listing. Please contact our office before doing so.

How can I verify that a location request is legitimate?

You are welcome to call our office at 850-717-8900 to verify any requests you receive.