Florida Film & Entertainment Advisory Council

The council was formed in 1999, and it consists of 17 members: seven appointed by the Governor, five appointed by the President of the Senate, and five appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Film Commissioner, a representative of Enterprise Florida, Inc., a representative of CareerSource Florida and a representative of VISIT FLORIDA serve as ex officio, nonvoting members of the Council.


The purpose of the Council is to serve as an advisory body to the Department of Economic Opportunity and to the Florida Office of Film & Entertainment to provide industry insight and expertise related to developing, marketing, promoting and providing services to Florida’s entertainment industry.


  1. To aid in the development of plans to address the needs of Florida’s film and entertainment industry.
  2. To improve the quality of life for all Floridians through the support and enhancement of a business climate that is conducive to the state’s film and entertainment industry.
  3. To provide a broad and consistent base of industry related demographic, economic, and informational support to the Office of Film & Entertainment.
  4. To advise in the development of an educational system that promotes a seamless K-12 through college digital/film education track, occupational skills training, and incumbent worker re-training, for the film and entertainment industry in Florida.
  5. To strengthen film and entertainment industry planning and cooperation among public sector agencies and private sector organizations.
  6. To assist governmental institutions and legislators in obtaining the resources necessary to proactively plan for the rapidly changing needs of the digital entertainment medium.
  7. To be inclusive and work with special communities, minorities, and diverse organizations in order to develop innovative ways of addressing their unique needs and challenges.