Why Florida?


From busy cityscapes to uninhabited beaches, you can film anywhere in the world all in one state!

Talent Pool

Florida colleges & universities have produced award-winning alumni, creating a robust talent pool.


Florida’s blue skies and sunshine have made it a year-round production destination.



Florida’s skilled workforce and large support services network are two of the many reasons why filming in Florida is easy.

Florida by the Numbers

60+ Local Film Commissions
Florida has 825 Miles of Beaches
6% Instant Savings on Production Related Purchases with Sales Tax Exemption

You Will Love Us for More Than Just Our Beaches


Just one call or email to our office puts you in touch with all of the local film commissions in Florida. With more than 5,500 film-friendly listed locations, Florida has the right look for your next production. Browse our Location Library or contact us for more information.

The Bottom Line

Top Business Climate

With state tax advantages like tax exemptions and no personal income tax, Florida consistently ranks among the best states in the country for business.

Sales Tax Exemption Program

Instantly save 6% on production related expenditures with the Entertainment Industry Sales Tax Exemption Program. APPLY HERE.

Local Resources

Many local film offices offer financial resources too! Visit www.FilmFlorida.org to learn more.